Block of the Month

Begins Saturday, February 8th, 2020

2nd Saturday of the Month through January 9th, 2021

9:00am or 11:00am (each session approximately 50 minutes)


Class Description:

Block of the Month meets the second Saturday of every month at 9:00am or 11:00am for one year, beginning in February.  Come in to receive fabric and instructions for each month’s assigned block.  Each session runs approximately 45 minutes.  Make one or more blocks each month before coming back to class the next month and receiving the next set of fabric and instructions.

We also catch you up on Twin Cities Quilting’s new offerings, showing you the latest patterns, books and fabric available.  It’s a great way to become part of our community.  Each month we have show and tell, letting you see what others in your community have been creating.  It’s a fun, upbeat way to start your weekend.  Join with your quilting friends and have a year long plan to get together.  Many groups meet for coffee, breakfast or lunch at one of the many close restaurants before or after class.

The class fee includes fabric and block instructions for twelve months.

One Size. Two Colorways.

Size: 67" x 78" - large throw or twin size

Once again, Twin Cities Quilting brings you a uniquely designed quilt for 'Block of the Month'. 

Myself, Shannon and Elizabeth all contribute ideas in order to ensure you get a fresh new quilt unlike any other quilt on the marketplace or any of our Block of Months from year's past.

Gather a group of friends and meet them once a month at Twin Cities Quilting to catch up, review the next month's block and see what’s new at the store.

Class Benefits:

Most of the participants say the main reason they enroll in Block of the Month is to be part of a quilting community for a year. 

Keeping up with friends and making new ones is an incentive to help finish this large project that spans one full calendar year. 

Many participants enjoy learning piecing techniques for new blocks and improving their quilting skills.  They improve their sense of color choices and have a greater understanding of coordinating color to create more dynamic quilts.

Keeping up with new fabric selections and book releases is also great fun.  It’s inspiration for many of the quilters in the room.  You’ll also get to hear about upcoming classes and new Twin Cities Quilting patterns and kits.

Twin Cities Quilting

1085 Dionne Street, Roseville, MN 55113


Class Fee:

We discount the price of fabric for Block of the Month. If you bought the fabrics for this quilt as cut yardage the price would be closer to $160.00.  We reduce the price if you take our Block of the Month class.

OR - If you choose not to take the class pay the fee and pick up your block fabric and instructions at Twin Cities Quilting after each monthly class.  It's still quite the bargain!

All prices includes patterns, instructions and fabric for constructing the quilt.



Order Today!  One of Three Ways:

Online, by phone - 651.340.8263, or drop by the store to see the quilt and fabric palettes in person.

Choose from Two Color Palettes:

2020 Block of the Month comes in two colorways.  We've completed one colorway so you can see the finished product.  The other colorway we make along with you, showing you how all of the pieces of each block fit together.

The quilt shown is our 'Night & Day' colorway. We use five digital prints with night or day imagery, and have added great basics to make them come alive.  The background is a light grey - Moda Grunge 'grey paper'.

Our second palette is called 'Abstract' and uses, you guessed it, abstract geometric themed prints.  Once again we are pairing these prints with great basics.  Our background will be a Moda Grunge white.

Choose the colorway that inspires you most! 

Note:  A $5.00 class re-entry fee will be assessed if you miss a Saturday or if your previous month’s block is incomplete.





Pay the additional fee if you do not intend to take the Saturday class:

Please note that although the prices are the same for the different colorway options it is important to choose the appropriate button to assure that you get the colorway you want.

'Night & Day' Colorway:

Sample made with this colorway

Night & Day


All participant must choose one of these two options:

No fees for missing class sessions or not completing the blocks.

Pick up your monthly fabrics and instructions at

Twin Cities Quilting after the monthly session.


Order Today!  One of Three Ways:

Online, by phone - 651.340.8263, or drop by the store to see the quilt and fabric palettes in person.

'Abstract' Colorway:

We will make this one along with you