Big Stitch Club

Begins Thursday February 27, 2020

4th Thursday of the Month through September.

Nine Sessions

Class: $85

Book: Sue Spargo's Creative Stitching

Separate Purchase

Class Description:

Take hand embroidery to the next level.  Learn how to create embroidery as embellishment.  Create fused appliqué or choose your favorite technique.  Use some of the more modern stitching and big stitch embroidery techniques to create a more artful and personal statement.  This year we will be creating an abstract still life.  We will add stitches  throughout the class sessions, starting with basic stitches and progressing to more difficult stitches as the year progresses. 

Meet fellow quilters who enjoy handwork and non-traditional embroidery.

Twin Cities Quilting

1085 Dionne Street Roseville, MN 55113


Twin Cities Quilting Carries:
Recommended Batting
Recommended Fusible Webbing
Embroidery Needles
Embroidery Floss
Pearl Cotton


6:30pm - 8pm

Register online for classes!

Twin Cities Quilting

online store

Features Include:

Class Information

and Registration

Event Information

  and registration


10:30am- 12:00


Meets Fourth Thursday of the Month:  February - October

Times:  Sign up for either the morning session 10:30am - 12:00pm, or the evening session 6:30pm - 8pm.  Easily switch times if your schedule changes.

Price: $85.00 (for the class)

          $32.00 (For the book:  Sue Spargo’s “Creative Stitching” Second Edition)

Supplies:  Twin Cities Quilting will provide patterns and hands-on instructions with the class fee. 

All other supplies are the responsibility of the student:

Supplies you may need for this class:

  1. Embroidery Hoop - we will cover recommended options during the first class.

  2. Possible fabric choices- we’ll take time in the first class to help each student create their own personal look.  Bring fabrics to the first class if you have them selected.

  3. Embroidery Floss and Pearl Cottons (We have a great selection!)

  4. Small scissors

  5. Non-permanent marking pen or pencil

  6. Paper and pencil.  During the first class we’ll talk about fabric choices, as well as practical appliqué methods and embroidery stitches for the first block.

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2017 Big Stitch

2019 Big Stitch

2018 Big Stitch

2020 Big Stitch

These haven't been stitched yet.  We'll do it with you in class.

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