Instructor:  Rose Allen


January 15, 22, 29, 2020

6:00 - 8:30pm



Twin Cities Quilting

1085 Dionne Street Roseville, MN 55113




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What to bring to class:

The book "Walk" by Jackie Gering - Available at Twin Cities Quilting

A sewing machine with a walking foot or even feed foot (bring extra bobbins) and your instruction manual.

Basic sewing supplies:

  1. Marking tools – I suggest a chalk pencil and a Frixion pen to start

  2. A 12” to 18” quilting ruler

  3. Microtex sewing machine needles – sizes 80, 90, (and 100 if you are using
    very thick thread)

  4. A sturdy needle threader and needle

  5. Pins, scissors, rotary cutter, etc.

Twin Cities Quilting will provide irons, ironing surfaces and cutting mats.

Thread: bring a variety of sizes and colors. We will be experimenting with different top and bobbin threads.
Examples: #50, #40, #12, variegated, solid colors, cotton, poly, rayon, mono- poly clear.

Batting: I recommend Hobbs fusible 80/20 batting. This product makes it easy to put your quilt sandwiches together.
You can also use spray adhesive with regular batting. (Note – any spray fusing needs to be done at home and not in class.)

Preparation for the first class:
Make 2 quilt sandwiches 12” by 18” – use a plain fabric for both sides so you can see the stitches and marking. These are your practice pieces.

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Class Description:

    Many modern quilters believe they can quilt any top they make with their walking foot.  And I think they’re right!  We'll be using "Walk", the book by Jacquie Gering, to begin your journey quilting unique, beautiful designs. 

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